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Our team is comprised of people who go beyond the specific role their titles suggest. Whether in digital strategy, web development, analytics, media planning or buying, video production, creative, social media planning and management, we all get exposed to and are able to influence each aspect. A truly full-service collaboration of thinkers and doers.

Eric Vieira

Partner / Connections Planner

Eric is a seasoned connections planner, focused on supporting and building the effectiveness of clients’ online presence. He is passionate about driving strategic thinking and has an infectious approach that brings everyone involved along for the ride. Eric’s strategic support over the past decade has spanned from digital web development, digital media planning, connections and brand planning, social media planning, analytics and content creation.

Paulo Salomao

Partner / Creative Director

For over 10 years, Paulo has been shaped into a creative chameleon. More than ever, effective ideas need to be connected along many different dots, and because of that a Creative Director is expected to have a deep understanding of all mediums. Without exception. An art director by trade, Paulo can code HTML5 and CSS, use 3D animation software, explore the limits of mobile and new tech tools, photograph, operate the latest film equipment—and he can beat teenagers at some PS4 games. He gets excited by the smell of new ideas. This is no doubt his neck of the woods.

Owen Garscadden

Associate Partner, Connections Planner

With a background in politics and economics, Owen’s focus is on understanding what people truly care about and the motivators driving their decisions. His inspiration comes from immersing himself into whatever category he is working on, whether it be via consumer observation and interviews or through living the product, himself. As an Account Planner with firsthand experience in digital media buying, content strategy and analytics, Owen fervently helps brands create connections with customers in ways that offer genuine mutual value.


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